Iraqi culture experiences renaissance in drama and festivals

Culture and art
  • 2-04-2024, 17:28
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    The Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Antiquities revealed on Tuesday, a resurgence in cultural vibrancy across Iraq, underlining a groundbreaking era of support and revitalization headed by Prime Minister Muhammed S. Al-Sudani's government.

    "Government support for the culture sector witnessed an important turning point in the Baghdad Capital of Arab Culture project in 2013," said Noufal Abu Ragheef, the ministry's deputy, to the Iraqi News Agency - INA, remarking "despite challenges posed by tight budgets, the shadow of conflict, and the war on Daesh terrorist gangs until the year 2023, the tide has shifted dramatically, witnessing an unparalleled surge of governmental backing."

    He highlighted, "the qualitative shift and boom in the field of drama and festivals. Every single week passes, one or more festivals being held in the Ministry of Culture and Cinema and Theater, as well as concerning plastic arts exhibitions and the various workshops that we hold via the Center for Studies and Research, in addition to annual festivals, including the Festival Al-Mrbad, the Hatra Festival, and Al-Wasiti Festival.”

    But the support didn't end there. Abu Ragheef emphasized the ministry's multifaceted role as both patron and partner in the cultural realm. "Our commitment extends beyond mere endorsement," he affirmed. "We stand shoulder to shoulder with artists and artisans, fostering collaboration with entities like the Iraqi Artists Syndicate to propel the cinema and theater sectors forward. In addition to that, there is a specialized department in Iraqi Media Network dedicated to drama and artistic works."

    Post-2003 Iraq heralded a new era where culture is not solely the government's domain but a collective endeavor, flourishing through diverse production entities and grassroots initiatives.