MOFA announces the agreement with the USA to formulate a timetable for the presence of international coalition advisors

  • 25-01-2024, 18:09
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    Baghdad - INA

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced, today, Thursday, an agreement with the United States to formulate a timetable for the presence of international coalition advisors.

    The ministry said in a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA): “In fulfillment of its national obligations and in line with the growing capacity and efficiency of the Iraqi forces, the Iraqi government announces, in agreement with the government of the United States of America, the success of the ongoing negotiation rounds between the two sides that began since August 2023 and its conclusion indicates the necessity of launching the Higher Military Committee (HMC) at the working group level to assess ISIS threat, situational and operational requirements and enhance the capabilities of the Iraqi security forces, in order to formulate a specific and clear timetable that specifies the duration of the presence of the international coalition’s advisors in Iraq and to begin the deliberate gradual reduction of its advisors on Iraqi soil and end the military mission of the coalition against ISIS.”.

    MOFA added, "The agreement includes a transition to comprehensive bilateral relations with the coalition countries, political, economic, cultural, security, and military, consistent with the vision of the Iraqi government and we particularly mention the Strategic Framework Agreement, which regulates the comprehensive relations between Iraq and the United States of America and reflects the common desire for cooperation between the two sides in a way that achieves the interests of the two countries and contributes to “By strengthening Iraq’s regional and international role in a manner befitting its historical status and building the best relations with the international community to serve the interests and aspirations of the Iraqi people.”.

    The Ministry continued, "The two sides expressed support for the work of the committee, facilitating its tasks, and refraining from anything that obstructs or delays its work. Maintaining the course of the committee's work and its success in achieving its mission is a national interest, in addition to contributing to preserving the stability of Iraq and the region.".

    The Foreign Ministry noted, "The government called for the work of this committee not to be halted, faltered, or interrupted, and to work to avoid tampering with Iraq's stability to achieve special goals.".

    The statement affirmed, “Iraq renews its commitment to the safety of the international coalition’s advisors during the negotiation period throughout the country, to maintaining stability and preventing escalation. The government also confirms its welcome of this agreement and considers it part of its fulfillment in fulfilling the government program and the pledges it has committed to before the people.”.