PM Al-Sudani: Major project to support culture and arts in Iraq

  • 4-12-2023, 21:00
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    Prime Minister Muhammed S. Al-Sudani announced on Monday, a significant cultural and artistic initiative in Iraq, aiming to bolster cinema, drama, theatre, plastic arts, literature, and children's literature. 

    Al-Sudani allocated a substantial fund of 13.5 billion Iraqi dinars for the successful execution of this project. This announcement was made as he welcomed a prominent assembly of Iraqi artistic figures, delegates from the Union of Iraqi Writers, and several distinguished writers and intellectuals, according to a statement by PM Media Office, received by the Iraqi News Agency - INA. 

    The Prime Minister confirmed the completion of essential procedures to fund artistic and cultural activities that experienced stagnation due to insufficient support and initiatives. He underscored the necessity for the private sector to actively participate in artistic production, emphasizing that reliance on government support alone is not sufficient.

    He emphasized that "artists and their creations aren't required to align with government or certain political party preferences. The only expectation is that they uphold a standard of exceptional quality and artistic excellence."

    Al-Sudani underscored the pivotal role of cultural and artistic domains for the government. Acknowledging their "powerful impact via art creations and festivals, the government steadfastly endeavors to forge a robust image of the country's stability. Furthermore, there's a resolute commitment to harnessing the power of art and culture as powerful tools in the battle against violence, extremism, and drugs."

    PM Al-Sudani underscored the government's obligation to support artists and writers, having allocated 5 billion dinars to the Iraqi Artists Syndicate for the Artists' Retirement Fund and an additional 3 billion to the Social Solidarity Fund for the Union of Iraqi Writers.

    The project allocated 5 billion dinars to bolster Iraqi drama production and another 5 billion for supporting Iraqi cinema production. Additionally, a significant allocation of 1 billion Iraqi dinars was designated for the printing of literary works by Iraqi writers and intellectuals.

    "In the project's framework, 200 million dinars were allocated to aid artists in organizing private exhibitions. Additionally, 300 million dinars were allocated to support diverse musical arts. The Union of Iraqi Writers will receive 1.5 billion dinars for hosting official conferences and festivals. Furthermore, 500 million dinars were dedicated to supporting children's literature," included in the statement.