Finance Minister participates in the United Nations climate conference

  • 4-12-2023, 17:57
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      Today, Monday, Finance Minister Taif Sami Mohammed participated in the United Nations Climate Conference (COP28) in Dubai.
    A statement from the ministry, received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), said, “Minister of Finance, Taif Sami Muhammad, participated in the United Nations Climate Conference (COP28), which was launched last Friday in Dubai, with the participation of more than 140 heads of state or government.”
      "The conference discussed ways to increase their commitments to limit the rise in global temperature to about 3 degrees Celsius, compared to the period before the industrial revolution."
     "The conference also discussed the problem of climate change, which has serious repercussions on the short and long term, especially since Iraq due to its geographical location, is considered one of the countries vulnerable to climate change."
    According to the statement "A $30 billion fund for climate solutions has been established globally, which is designed to bridge the climate financing gap and facilitate access to it at an reasonable cost. The fund also aims to stimulate the collection and investment of $250 billion by 2030."
      "The conference called on world leaders to stop burning fossil fuels, as a burning planet cannot be saved with a hose of fossil fuels, so it is necessary to stop burning fossil fuels, not reduce."
    On the other hand, “an action plan was prepared and implemented for adaptation measures and achieving the required benefits in the water resources sector, to achieve complete and sound management to reach the stage of sustainable water security, within the round table meeting on expanding climate-related financing within the conference activities.”