China announces an increase in the volume of trade exchange with Iraq

  • 3-12-2023, 20:18
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    The Chinese embassy revealed, on Sunday, the volume of trade exchange with Iraq within a year, and the increase in its purchases from Iraq by approximately 48%.
    Deputy Ambassador Xu Haifeng told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "China has a great interest in developing trade and economic relations with Iraq because of its great economic position in the world and the Middle East region."
    Xu added, "The volume of trade exchange between the two countries in 2022 reached 53.37 billion dollars, an annual increase of 43.1 percent, while the volume of China's imports from Iraq reached 39.38 billion dollars, an annual increase of 47.8 percent," stressing, "China is The largest buyer of Iraqi oil.
    Regarding the Iraqi-Chinese Business Council, Haifeng noted, “The council is the first business council established by Chinese and Iraqi companies, and we have confidence that it will contribute to the development of bilateral relations between Iraq and China at the level of trade and economy.”
    He stressed, "The Chinese embassy will work to enhance the exchange of information and guide companies to conduct their business in accordance with laws and regulations, to create a bridge for cooperation between the two countries."