Egyptian Ambassador apologizes to the network delegation

  • 12-11-2018, 10:23
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    Baghdad-INA The Egyptian ambassador in Baghdad Alaa Musa, has officially apologized to the Iraqi media delegation for the harassment at Cairo airport, Iraqi Foreign Ministry spokesman Ahmad Mahjoub said in a statement received by the Iraqi news agency . The statement added that "the Egyptian ambassador promised during his reception at the Iraqi Foreign Ministry that such action will not be repeated in the future.The Iraqi delegation will suspend its participation in the Cairo World Cup and return to the homeland, he said.The Iraqi delegation headed Sunday, representing the Iraqi Media Network headed by the artist Dr. Hadeel Kamel at the invitation of the Union of Arab Producers belonging to the League of Arab States. The Egyptian authorities detained the Iraqi delegation at Cairo airport, although all members of the delegation received the entry visa from the Egyptian embassy in Baghdad. The media network condemned the Egyptian abuse of our Iraqi delegation and promised to violate diplomatic standards and bilateral relations between the two countries.The Iraqi media network praised the efforts of the Iraqi ambassador to Egypt Habib al-Sadr to persuade the Egyptian side to release the detained delegation and return it to Baghdad. Translated by Harith.A.Hasan