Beijing: We are keen to actively participate in the development road project

  • 29-11-2023, 16:20
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    Baghdad – INA 
    Chinese deputy ambassador to Iraq Xu Haifeng announced on, Wednesday, the imminent opening the Iraqi Consulate General in Guangzhou, while noting the keenness to actively participate in the development road project.

    Haifeng said During a press conference held in Baghdad and attended by an Iraqi News Agency -INA - reporter "This year marks the 65th anniversary of bilateral diplomatic relations between Iraq and China" noting that "mutual political trust deepened between the two countries in September 2022, when Chinese President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani met and reached important consensus on deepening friendly relations, exchange and cooperation in all fields”.

    Haifeng explained "Last month, the second Chinese consulate to Iraq was opened in Basra", pointing to the "near opening of the Iraqi Consulate General in Guangzhou".

    He added that " new achievements of practical cooperation have been achieved during the current year between Iraq and China, as last month, the completion of the natural gas processing plant in the halafaya field under the hosting of CNOOC" ,pointing out that "it is expected to become the first project of a significant size to work jointly between oil and gas in the history of Iraq after the plant comes into operation at the end of this year”.

    He added that "satisfactory progress has been achieved for a series of cooperative projects between the two countries in the oil sector, and the electric cooperative projects have entered the operational stage, as well as achieving progress with balanced steps in the Model Schools project", noting that "The Chinese side is keen to actively participate in the development road project of the Iraqi side, in addition to joining efforts with the Iraqi side to push high cooperation in the construction of the Belt and road to achieve more results in Iraq”. 
    Haifeng continued "We witnessed the depth of friendship between the two peoples and the progress of human and cultural communication and Exchange at balanced steps at the beginning of this year, as the first Chinese Language Teaching and testing center in Iraq was opened in Baghdad, and the exam was successfully conducted".
    Haifeng  added that “On climate change, the Chinese deputy ambassador stressed that climate change is a common challenge faced by all mankind and the countries of the world should strengthen solidarity and cooperation to face global climate challenges "noting that "China has been taking effective measures to confront climate change from the perspective of its responsibility to human civilization over recent years”.
    Haifeng continued "China is actively participating in and guiding global climate governance, as it participated in international negotiations on constructively confronting climate change" , calling for “adherence to the system, principles and purpose of the climate change constitution, adhering to the principle of common and Differentiated Responsibility, and developed countries should fulfill their pledges of providing 100 billion dollars of climate financial support to developing countries every year”.

    He stressed " the need to create a diplomatic environment conducive to international cooperation in order to confront climate change by adhering to multilateralism and universality" noting that "Iraq is one of the states that have been affected by the damage caused by climate change”.

    He stressed that " Chinese side is keen to strengthen communication and cooperation with the Iraqi side and support it to achieve a just transition in the energy field".