Cairo denies the emergence of new strains of tuberculosis in Egypt

  • 25-11-2023, 15:55
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    The Egyptian Cabinet Media Center denied what was rumored on some websites and social media pages about “the emergence of new strains of tuberculosis in Egypt.”

    The center stated, “There is no truth to the news about the emergence of new strains of tuberculosis in Egypt,” stressing that “no mutations or new strains of tuberculosis have been monitored or recorded in any governorate across the republic.”

    The center confirmed, “Egypt has an epidemic monitoring and investigation program that works effectively in early detection and monitoring of any epidemic diseases that may infiltrate the country,” noting that “in the event of the emergence of any infectious disease or new strain of the virus, infections are detected and treatment plans are developed and dealt with.”

    He continued: “Suspected cases are transferred to specialized units to detect them and take all diagnostic and early treatment measures when infection with the disease is confirmed, while applying all precautionary measures at Egyptian airports and ports to prevent the leakage of any disease through those coming from countries with affected areas.”