Ireland: 34 people were arrested in connection with the violence in Dublin

  • 24-11-2023, 16:14
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    The Police Commissioner in the Irish capital, Dublin, Drew Harris, announced the arrest of 34 people in connection with the violence and riots that followed an immigrant’s knife attack on passers-by near a school last night.

    Harris reported that the arrests came after "massive destruction caused by protesters" in the country.

    Irish Justice Minister Helen McEntee said that the police were following a specific line of investigation into the attack, which she described as “barbaric.”

    McEntee added that the riots were committed by "a small group of people who do not represent the vast majority in the country, and that they are using knife attacks to cause havoc and sow division."

    Yesterday, Thursday, violent clashes took place between police and protesters who used firecrackers and flash bombs, and set fire to a hotel, a police car, a bus, and a subway train, after an immigrant, said to be of Algerian origin, attacked passers-by with a knife and injured 5 people, including 3 children.