In numbers: Prime Minister's advisor explains the government's plans to reduce methane and carbon emissions

  • 29-10-2023, 21:29
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    Advisor to the Prime Minister, Ali Al-Lami, confirmed today, Sunday, that Iraq is working to reduce methane emissions by about 30% and carbon emissions by about 37 tons annually within an action plan that extends to the year 2030.
    Al-Lami said in his speech during the World Climate Action Day conference held by the European Union mission under the title Iraq and Climate Change and attended by the Iraqi News Agency (INA) correspondent: “There is great progress within the framework of Iraq’s efforts to implement the national contribution document to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, including what regarding the field of electricity generation, it included the allocation of one trillion dinars from the Central Bank of Iraq to support projects shifting towards environmentally friendly solar energy, and the budget law also included the allocation of sums to support the establishment of such projects.
    He added, "There are also plans by the Ministry of Oil to establish investments in the field of renewable energy, through which work will be done to establish electricity production projects, a portion of which will be allocated to the production of green nitrogen, in addition to signing six contracts to invest in associated gas, all of which will significantly reduce emissions. There is also a project to cultivate 5 Millions of trees and heavy water treatment.
      "There is a shift towards supporting these trends with legal legislation through the draft renewable energy law that the government sent to the House of Representatives, and also at the level of the Ministry of Electricity, there is a shift on the basis of which projects for generating electrical energy through thermal units are being implemented." Al-Lami said.
    Al-Lami stated, “Iraq has advanced over many neighboring countries and launched carbon bond projects. The Council of Ministers issued a decision for the Ministries of Oil and Environment to contract to invest in carbon bonds, and now a tender has been launched to invest in one of the fields. Likewise, Iraq has joined the global alliance to reduce methane emissions, and there is great work in the Ministry of Oil to reduce these emissions by up to 30%.
    Al-Lami noted that “the contracts and agreements achieved in the licensing rounds to invest in associated gas will also pave the way for reducing carbon emissions from associated gas collection projects by up to 34 million tons annually for the years 2022-2028, as well as reducing carbon emissions by up to 2.8 million tons in oil projects for the years 2022-2030.”