Environment Minister confirms the progress of strategies to mitigate the effects of climate change

  • 29-10-2023, 16:51
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    Environment Minister Nizar Amedi confirmed on Sunday,  the progress of strategies to mitigate the effects of climate change, while indicating Iraq's keenness to develop its relations with European Union countries.

    In his speech on the occasion of the World Climate Action Day, which was held by the European Union mission under the title “Iraq and Climate Change,” and attended by the correspondent of the Iraqi News Agency (INA), Amedi said: “Iraq is suffering from the negative effects of the climate change phenomenon,” indicating that “Iraq, as a country A developing country that believes that solutions to the problem of climate change will only produce results with the effective contribution of all countries and within the principles of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Paris Agreement, which are built on the basis of shared responsibility."

    He added, "Although Iraq is classified among the countries most vulnerable to climate change, especially in the water sector, it seeks to create a suitable environment in establishing the concepts of sustainable green growth and nature-based solutions, which requires mobilizing international support of all kinds to create harmonious opportunities with its national needs."

    Amedi stressed, "the need to proceed with national policies and strategies in addition to mitigating the negative impacts and adapting to them by securing the two most basic elements, which are food and a fair share of water, in order to reduce the impact and severity of environmental deterioration due to climate change and increase its resilience to climate change."

    He pointed out that "Iraq faces an environmental challenge, especially the impact of climate change and its repercussions of drought, desertification, dust storms, water scarcity and lack of rainfall, and because this issue has a direct impact on water, food and national security, which requires more support to increase the resilience of this important sector to preserve and sustain environmental systems and support... Affected communities and achieving community cohesion and justice, with a focus on the role of youth and women in supporting them to change educational and scientific concepts related to environmental concepts, which leads to supporting climate action and moving towards a sustainable green economy and achieving sustainable development goals."

    Amedi pointed out, "Iraq's keenness to develop its relations with the European Union countries, which are based on respect, mutual understanding, and common interests," expressing "its aspiration for more cooperation and building bridges of communication in many vital fields."

    Environment Minister continued, "The European Union is considered a long-term partner of Iraq and cooperates with it in many fields, as it played a role in achieving security and political stability after the threat of ISIS and responding to the challenges facing the country," noting "the aspiration to strengthen the partnership between Iraq and the European Union by providing support and contributions in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, which is a global call to action to protect the Earth’s environment and climate."