Parliament discusses brutal bombing of Gaza Strip and the deteriorating humanitarian conditions

  • 14-10-2023, 22:48
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    The Iraqi Parliament held its twenty-first session, headed by Parliament Speaker Muhammed al-Halbousi in the presence of 205 representatives to discuss the siege and brutal bombing of the Gaza Strip and the deteriorating humanitarian conditions in Palestine.

    "The heads of the parliamentary blocs expressed their firm positions towards the Palestinian issue, expressing support and solidarity with the Palestinian people, and rejecting the brutal crimes committed by the usurping Zionist entity, including genocidal massacres against the Palestinian people in steadfast Gaza and the unjust siege it imposes on its residents," according to a statement by the Media Office of the Parliament, received by the Iraqi News Agency - INA.

    The MPs announced their condemnation of “the brutal practices and crimes committed by the Zionist occupation forces against the Palestinian people,” renewing the call for the Arab League to hold an emergency session to condemn the aggression against Gaza and open ways to deliver humanitarian, medical and food aid to the Gaza Strip. Also, they called on the Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union to adopt a unified and serious position to call on the international community to lift the injustice against the Palestinian people and not use the war machine to exterminate them, expressing their categorical rejection of the Zionist entity’s policy of forced displacement of Palestinians from Gaza."

    They stressed that "the Iraqi government will open outlets to receive popular donations from various activities to maximize aid and support the oppressed Palestinian people."

    The MPs affirmed “the permanent and firm commitment to the right of the Palestinian people to end the occupation and establish their Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital,” noting that “the Palestinian people are subjected to the most horrific types of killing and violations that contradict the principles of human rights by the Zionist entity.”

    They stressed "the right of the Palestinian people to continue their resistance until they achieve their legitimate rights, especially after they achieved a great victory in the courageous Al-Aqsa Flood Operation, which broke the alleged prestige of Zionism."

    The Speaker read a statement issued by the Presidency of the Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union on security developments in the occupied Palestinian territories, during which he reaffirmed "the right of the Palestinian people to defend themselves in light of the expanding circle of brutal and inhumane Israeli practices against our Palestinian brothers, and the recurrence of the ongoing Israeli attacks on civilian men, women and children. In addition to that, the deliberate and repeated violations of the sanctity of the Blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque and other Islamic and Christian religious sanctities throughout the occupied Palestinian territories," highlighting, "the right to confront the crimes of settlers and the forces of the occupying Israeli entity, and to strive to obtain their legitimate and legal rights,” calling on “the international community and all organizations and unions of the International Parliamentarian Council, by exerting pressure on the occupying Israeli entity to stop its criminal and racist practices against the Palestinian people."