Minister of Foreign Affairs announces the disarmament of the groups present on the Iraqi-Iranian border

  • 13-09-2023, 15:14
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     Foreign Minister Fouad Hussein announced today, Wednesday the disarmament of the groups located on the Iraqi-Iranian border, while calling on all countries to adopt international resolutions that prevent the phenomenon of infringement on the Holy Books.
    Hussein said in a press conference held with his Iranian counterpart, Hussein Abdullahian, in the capital, Tehran, and attended by a correspondent for the Iraqi News Agency (INA): “The Constitution of Iraq clearly indicates that it does not allow any group to use Iraqi lands to attack another country,” Pointing out that "security cooperation between Iraq and Iran depends on the Iraqi side on the constitution and adherence to it."
    He added, "We are in the process of reaching the final goal with the plan that has been drawn up," noting that "the groups on the Iraqi-Iranian border have been disarmed and refugee camps have been established that will be under the protection of the United Nations Refugee Organization."
      "The plan was prepared and adhered to in cooperation between the Iraqi governments and the Kurdistan region," pointing out that "relations between Iraq and Iran are good and we hope to solve the problems through dialogue." Hussein said.
    He continued, "It is not reasonable that the relations between the two countries are excellent and that Iraqi sovereignty and Iraqi Kurdistan are threatened by bombing or launching a military campaign," stressing the necessity of "staying away from these means, and we have other ways through dialogue and security agreement, and the problems will be solved through dialogue and negotiation."
    Regarding burning the Holy Qur’an, Hussein stated that “Iraq’s position on burning the Holy Qur’an is firm,” pointing out that “the position is based on the interests of Iraq and Muslims.”
    He stated that "these actions lead to hatred, racism, and make problems between countries and the Islamic world," calling on "all countries to adopt international resolutions that prevent the phenomenon of infringement on the Holy Books."