PM discusses providing Iraq with specialized radars and combat aircraft

  • 27-01-2023, 23:31
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    The Prime Minister, Muhammad S. Al-Sudani, discussed with representatives of major French companies providing Iraq with specialized radars and combat aircraft.

    Prime Minister Mr. Mohammed S. Al-Sudani met on Friday with representatives from Thales Group in Paris. During the meeting, they discussed providing Iraq with special radars for high and low altitudes that secure the paths of civil and military aviation at various altitudes and secure Iraqi airspace from unauthorized flights.

    His Excellency also met with representatives of the French company Dassault. They discussed supplying Iraq with Rafale combat aircraft to the Iraqi Air Force and civil Dassault Falcon aircraft to Iraqi Civil Aviation.

    The Prime Minister met with a delegation representing Airbus company. They discussed the reinforcement of the Iraqi army's airforce power with combat helicopters to increase the efficiency of our security forces' efforts to combat the remnants of ISIS terrorist gangs and to protect the Iraqi borders.