Rashid stresses the importance of providing support for PWDs

  • 1-12-2022, 17:34
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    The President of the Republic, Abdul Latif Jamal Rashid, stressed today, Thursday, the necessity of paying attention and caring for PWDs (people with disabilities), providing all support and providing them with a decent life in respect of human rights and dignity.

    The media of the Presidency of the Republic stated, in a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "President Rashid received today, at the Baghdad Palace, a delegation representing PWDs."

    Rashid indicated, according to the statement, that "the necessary legislation must be issued to preserve their full rights, secure their needs, and exercise their role in building their country and society by benefiting from their capabilities and energies, employing them and turning them into positive and promising energies for the development and advancement of society.".

    He noted, "the human dimension in the file of the PDWs (people with disabilities), stressing that" comprehensive development and development will not be achieved without protecting the rights of all groups, including people with disabilities, and we will not be able to move forward if we do not win and do justice to these people. Commitment towards them is a responsibility and everyone must bear it. 

    The media office indicated that the members of the visiting delegation reviewed the problems and obstacles that they face on a daily basis and prevent them from exercising their role in life, and they also appreciated the interest of the President of the Republic in their cause and his directives in order to be fair to them and meet their demands.