A fine and Mandatory deportation for those who violate the Iraqi foreigners' residency law, MOI says

  • 24-09-2022, 11:23
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    The Ministry of Interior-MOI stressed on Saturday, that it is not allowed to overstaying in Iraq for tourists entering the country, while it confirmed that it imposes fines and Mandatory deportation on violators, it revealed tight plans to reduce such cases.
    "The Ministry of the Interior has prepared a plan represented by the Directorate of Residence Affairs, in cooperation with the Baghdad Operations Command, to reduce the phenomenon of exceeding the legal period of residence, which is set at 30 days for those who enter Iraqi territory, " said The director of the deportation and expulsion dept. at MOI, Colonel Muhannad Shahid Khattar, to the Iraqi News Agency (INA).
    He added that "MOI imposes a late fine on foreign tourists who violate the residency law." 
    He pointed out that "If the tourists exceed the legal periods allowed, their deportation will be mandatory, given that they are in violation of the foreigners' residency law in 2017," noting that "the Directorate of Residence Affairs in Baghdad and the provinces has follow up to the violators' file, and there are tight controls to arrest them and deporting them to their countries.