Inspection operation launched southern Samarra: PMF

  • 4-09-2022, 11:53
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    The Popular Mobilization Forces PMF announced on Sunday the start of a search operation south of Samarra.
    PMF said in a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "The Salah al-Din Operations Command of the Popular Mobilization Forces, launched today a large-scale search operation south of the city of Samarra," indicating that "the operation was launched with the participation of the 43-41st brigades to inspect the areas of Tal al-Dhahab, al-Kashkariya and al-Sijilah south of Samarra."
    "This operation comes within the plans set to secure the roads of the pilgrims of Arbaeen of Imam Hussein, sustain the security and operational effort, miss the opportunity on terrorist groups and prevent any security breach to target visitors," PMF said.