PM Al-Kadhimi: An urgent investigation to be opened into the Green Zone events

  • 29-08-2022, 21:24
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    Prime Minister and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, Mustafa Al-Kadhimi directed on Monday, the opening of an urgent investigation around the events in the Green Zone.

    PM Al-Kadhimi directed that the use of bullets and shooting at protesters by any security, military, or armed party is strictly prohibited," according to the media office of the Prime Minister statement received by the Iraqi News Agency - INA.

    The statement included that Al-Kadhimi stressed on the commitment of ministries, agencies, security and military agencies to work in accordance with the contexts, authorizations and controls granted to them.

    He stressed, according to the statement, that "our security forces are responsible for protecting the demonstrators, and that any violation of the security instructions in this regard will be subject to legal accountability," directing "to open an urgent investigation into the events in the Green Zone, the sources of fire, and identify the negligent as to hold them accountable according to the law."

    He called on citizens to "abide by the security instructions and the curfew decision."