Al-Bayati explains the mechanism of reopening the Green Zone

  • 15-01-2020, 13:44
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     Baghdad - INA

    The Personal Secretary of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, General Mohamed Al-Bayati, revealed today, Wednesday, the mechanism for reopening the Green Zone.

    Al-Bayati said to the Iraqi News Agency : "The security forces for the protection of the green have developed a plan to reopen part of the green zone due to the security stability that occurred on the capital, Baghdad," noting that "the road that will be reopened in front of the citizens at the weekend, is the road between Suspension Bridge and Al-Zawra Park. "

    He added that "the opening of the green zone does not include all the doors, and the citizen will be informed of the opening times of the road and the special instructions," noting that "a security plan will be developed to facilitate the procedures and flow of traffic and maintain security in the region."

    The security forces had closed the Green Zone after the demonstrations in Tahrir Square and the closure of the Al jumhurya Bridge, Al-Sanak and Al-Ahrar.

    Prime Minister Adel Abdel-Mahdi had confirmed earlier that the decision to open the green zone is irreversible, despite some trying to block it.

    Abdel-Mahdi said in his weekly conference, which Iraqi news agency followed, that "the decision to open the green zone is irreversible despite some attempts to block this, while pledging to open other streets, including Al-Rashid Street."