Green Zone to be opened 24 hours

  • 17-04-2019, 09:28
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    INA- Baghdad

    The Personal Secretary of The Prime Minister the Lieutenant General Muhammad Kadhim confirmed today the opening of the Green Zone for 24 hours to all citizens, referring to near opening of the Presidential Zone in Karrada.

    Kadhim told INA correspondent Hussain Muhammad Fayhan that the National Iraqi Card would be used as identity card instead of the Green Zone badges, which were intruding for our citizens, noting that intelligence efforts would trace the streets to ensure security.

    Kadhim explained that the Prime Minister and the President have one agreed vision to open the Presidential Zone, showing of performing specialized technical works in that area.

    Opening the Presidential Zone is a matter of time, Kadhim continued, since there aren’t any objections or restrictions from any side, and the engineering effort is busy now with opening the Green Zone.