Sayyed Al-sadr calls on the judiciary to dissolve parliament by end of next week

  • 10-08-2022, 18:21
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    The leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, called on Wednesday, the Supreme Judicial Council to dissolve parliament by end of next week.

    I address my words to the competent judicial authorities, especially the president of the Supreme Judicial Council, hoping they correct the course ... to dissolve parliament after those constitutional violations within a period of not exceeding the end of next week," Sadr tweeted amid a crippling political deadlock shrouding Iraq's future with uncertainty.”
    Al-Sadr warned that the "rebels will have a different stance if the people get disappointed once again," asking "the rebels, the members of the resigned Sadrist bloc, and other lawmakers to file complaints before the federal court via the committee in charge of the sit-ins."

    Protesters rallied by al-Sadr and his Sadrist Movement tore down concrete barriers and entered the Green Zone, which houses government departments and foreign missions, before breaking into parliament and starting an open-ended sit-in last month.