The death toll and injuries have risen to 52 in Gaza strip

  • 5-08-2022, 18:28
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    The Ministry of Health in Gaza announced today, Friday, that the
    death toll and injuries as a result of the Zionist aggression in the Strip has risen to 52.

    The ministry said in a statement, "The death toll rose to 8, including a 5-year-old girl, and 44 were wounded during the Zionist raids that were carried out today.

    The Zionist aircraft launched a new aggression against the Gaza Strip, during which it carried out several strikes.
    The Zionist occupation army said in a statement." We are currently carrying out raids on the Gaza Strip and announcing the existence of a special case on the home front.”.

    Zionist media sources stated that “the occupation aircraft carried out strikes against sites of the Islamic Jihad movement in Gaza.”
    In addition, the Islamic Jihad movement affiliated with the Palestinian resistance confirmed, today, Friday, the assassination of its leader Facilitating Jabari during the Zionist raids today.