Health Ministry announces recording severe cases to the fifth wave of Corona pandemic

  • 24-06-2022, 12:04
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    Ministry of Health warned Friday of the severity of the fifth wave that Iraq is witnessing, and while it indicated that severe cases were recorded, it issued a recommendation to all Iraqis, including all who got the vaccine .

     The Director General of Public Health, Riyad Abdul Amir, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "the Ministry of Health monitors the rate of positive percentages of examinations," noting that "the positive percentages of examinations are moving very quickly, as it was 6% two days ago and became 9% and today 14%  While it was 3% a week ago.

    He added, "This rise is dangerous, and represents the entry of a fifth wave that may be severe," noting that "the main reason behind the increase in infections is the failure to take the vaccine for a large proportion of citizens."

    Abdul Amir added, "The ministry will not issue recommendations that affect the citizens' livelihood after the increase in cases," explaining that "the ministry resorts to personal measures, including wearing a mask in crowded areas, even for vaccinated citizens."

    He added, "The ministry has not yet recorded any case or serious complications among the number of vaccinated people, who are 11 million people," assuring everyone that "there are no fears of the vaccine."