SMC: A terrorist arrested after foiling an escape attempt, Nineveh

  • 21-05-2022, 21:30
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    Security Media Cell - SMC announced on Saturday, the arrest of a terrorist after foiling his escape during a raid on his home west of Nineveh.

    "The operation characterized by a quick reaction forces, was carried out based on accurate information of the 15th Division's Intelligence Division, which confirmed the presence of one of the terrorists in his home in the Tel Abtah district, west of Nineveh, as in a light of that and in cooperation with the regiment's intelligence, the third, 21st Infantry Brigade, and a force from the regiment, the house of the terrorist who tried to escape was surrounded, and it managed to arrest him," according to a statement by SMC, received by the Iraqi News Agency ‐ INA.
     The statement added, "The terrorist is one of those wanted by the judiciary in accordance with the provisions of Article 4 of terrorism," stressing that "he was fundamentally handed over to the requested party after completing the necessary procedures against him."