Passenger bus falls into a ravine in Peru; there are at least 11 dead and 34 injured

  • 16-05-2022, 08:31
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    INA-  sources 

    A passenger bus fell into a ravine in northern Perua spectacular accident that left at least 11 dead, including two children and 34 woundedaccording to authorities.

    The accident took place on the afternoon of Saturday, May 14, 2022, on a remote rural road near the town of Pauca, in the province of Sihuas, in the Andean region of Ancashin northern Peru.

    Through a statement, Civil Defense explained that the passenger bus overturned and rolled into a ravine 100 meters deepwhich caused the death of several passengers and left others more injured.

    “We have registered 34 injured and 11 dead after an accident in the Ancash region,” reported the Peruvian authorities.

    The bus traveled the Tayabamba route in the northern region of La Libertad bound for Lima.

    Police brigades and residents worked until Sunday morning to recover the bodies trapped in the body of the vehicle.

    The injured were transferred to the Sihuas regional hospital. The reasons for the accident are still under investigation.