Two Daesh terrorists arrested in Al-Shihabi

  • 11-05-2022, 11:28
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    Samarra Operations Command announced Wednesday the arrest of two ISIS terrorists in Al-Shihabi.
    Samarra Operations Commander Major General Ali Mashjal Khalaf al-Maliki said, in a statement to the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "through intelligence information from the National Security Directorate south of Salah al-Din and in cooperation with the Intelligence and Security Command Department and the intelligence of the second regiment, Commandos Brigade Samarra Operations Command, with aviation support. The heroes of the second regiment, Commandos Brigade, Samarra Operations Command, were able to arrest two ISIS terrorists in the (Al-Shihabi - Al-Abiter) area.
    "The arrest was carried out in a qualitative and professional military operation, after they were removed from their dens without any losses," he said.