Moscow: US and NATO arms shipments to Ukraine are a legitimate target for us

  • 21-04-2022, 22:50
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     On Thursday, Russia considered arms shipments that may arrive from the United States and other North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) countries to Ukraine as a legitimate target for the Russian army .

    "We assure the Americans frankly that the Russian forces have the right to consider arms shipments from the United States and NATO on Ukrainian soil as legitimate military targets of our army," RIA Novosti news agency quoted Deputy Head of the North American Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Sergei Koshelev, as saying today.

    Koshelev expressed "Moscow's concern over the statements of US officials about the US intention to continue to supply the Kyiv government extensively with weapons and military equipment.".

    And he expressed his confidence that "Kyiv is now in a situation that is doomed to failure," adding that "the United States, with this approach, aims to slow down Moscow's military operation in Ukraine and inflict the greatest possible harm on Russian forces.".

    This warning came against the backdrop of US President Joe Biden's announcement of a new $800 million military aid package for Kiev.