Governmental, judicial and military support to reduce water pollution

  • 21-04-2022, 15:34
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    The Ministry of Water Resources confirmed that pollution is the most serious type of abuse, while indicating the existence of tripartite coordination to reduce it.

    The spokesman for the ministry, Ali Radi, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "Water poisoning or contamination is a very dangerous matter, as there are various violations, including violations of the water quota and violations of the river section by establishing some construction outside the controls and limitations."

    Radi added, "The most dangerous transgression is water pollution, and sources of water pollution from sewage stations, factories and laboratories to hospital waste, and this is a very dangerous issue," noting that "there is governmental, judicial and military coordination and support, as well as coordination with local governments and water departments in the governorates." And a great campaign to raise and prevent abuses.”

    He continued, "There are dozens of lawsuits that have been raised against violators, and the work is large and continuous because the volume of abuse is very large," explaining, "The most dangerous of these abuses are the abuses that cause water pollution, and part of them have been closed and prevented." 

    Radi stressed "the need to rehabilitate, maintain and introduce modern technologies to treatment plants located in sewage plants or hospitals," noting that "rehabilitation and development guarantees the outputs of the plants that are built and that are within the parameters of the World Health Organization and does not affect the nature of river water." 

    He stated that "Water Resources is a ministry concerned with managing raw water, and it does not own any source that pollutes the water, but suffers from water pollution, and the procedures are ongoing, and they are important measures to prevent abuses and reduce water pollution."