Kyiv announces Zelensky’s participation in the extraordinary NATO summit

  • 23-03-2022, 08:28
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    INA-  sources

    The spokesperson said Ukrainian Presidency Sergei Nikiforov The Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky He will participate via video conference in the Extraordinary NATO Summit, which will be held on March 24 in Brussels.
    Nikiforov wrote on “Telegram”, according to “Onyan Agency”: “President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky will participate in the NATO summit. NATO March 24 via video.
    It is noteworthy that NATO will hold an emergency summit on March 24, where the alliance will discuss “ensuring unity in helping Ukraine and responding to Russia’s actions,” said NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg.
    Stoltenberg confirmed the attendance of US President Joe Biden at the NATO summit in Brussels.