Public Health Directorate sets a condition for abolishing preventive measures

  • 9-03-2022, 12:55
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    The Ministry of Health's Public Health Directorate set Wednesday a condition for the abolition of preventive measures and recommended a review of health laws.
    "Most countries reviewed their health systems after the Corona experiment, because some of them collapsed," Director of Public Health Directorate Riad Abdul Amir al-Halafi told The Iraqi News Agency (INA), adding that "Despite its resilience to the pandemic, Iraq must review health laws in cooperation with the World Health Organization and create a strong and sober system for preparing and responding to any health emergency."
    "The vaccination process is going well, but the turnout is not at the level of ambition and the coverage rate is still low," he said, calling on citizens to "turn to vaccination in order to eliminate preventive measures because they are linked to the vaccination rate."
    "The countries that have abolished the procedures have achieved high rates of vaccination, and if vaccination rates in Iraq reach high levels, preventive measures can be lifted," he said, adding that "the rate of reduction has so far reached 26%.
    The World Health Organization confirmed earlier that Iraq was capable of facing corona waves, while noting that it had adopted four measures that reduced the effects of the pandemic: strengthening health staffing, intensifying laboratory capacity, strengthening recovery and continuing support for medical supplies.