Iraq increases Oxygen production due to any higher Omicron cases

  • 26-01-2022, 20:01
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    Iraqi Ministry of Industry revealed on Wednesday, new measures to limit the spread of the new mutant, Omicron.
    "The General Company for Electrical and Electronic Industries has drawn up plans to confront the new mutant of Corona (Omicron), as the complete maintenance of two liquid Oxygen production lines has been carried out with a production capacity of 5,000 liters per day and maintenance of gas production line machines for Oxygen and a production capacity of 2,000 tanks per day, while maintaining a purity of 99.6%,” according to a statement by the Ministry Media Office to the Iraqi News Agency (INA).
    The statement included that, "A comprehensive maintenance was carried out for the tank carrying the liquid oxygen product, filling the tank with a quantity of 10,000 liters, filling the strategic tank, and storing the liquid Oxygen with an amount of 20,000 liters of liquid oxygen in anticipation of any possible emergency,"
    “In addition to that, and within the company's plan to maintain a plant for the production of liquid Oxygen, which has been neglected for many years, and directing continuous work at night with day and official holidays to complete the additional third line for the production of liquid oxygen with a capacity of 4,000 to 5,000 liters per day and it will be operated within the next few days," according to the statement.
    "To confront this pandemic and limit its spread, persons sterilization rooms, hand sterilizers, portable air sterilization bags, as well as ultraviolet sterilization devices have been directed to take all precautionary measures necessary to limit the spread through traditional means; the mask, gloves and others; in addition to directing the company’s media to spread awareness-raising instructions via social media and to put up posters explaining the dangers of the new mutant and ways to avoid it,” the Ministry explained.
    The Ministry clarified that "the General Company for Textile and Leather Industries has five million masks ready in warehouses, and our production lines are ready to produce any medical products and in any quantities,"