Iraq enters into fourth wave, MOH sends a message to citizens

  • 12-01-2022, 18:59
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    Ministry of Health and Environment – MOH confirmed on Wednesday, that Iraq entered the fourth wave of Corona virus, which is witnessing the entry of the rapidly spreading Omicron mutant, while sending a message to citizens.
    "Iraq is monitoring the epidemiological situation, which has begun to escalate, which means that we have now entered the fourth wave of the Corona pandemic," said the Director-General of Health, Riyadh Abdul-Amir, to the Iraqi News Agency (INA).
    He added, "The ministry sends a message to citizens, where they should be aware of the danger of the fourth wave, which is witnessing the entry of a new, fast-moving mutant among citizens," noting that "the injuries will be in high numbers during the coming period, and all citizens are required to adhere to preventive measures, especially wearing a mask and physical distancing,”
    “The virus is still dangerous and it must not be tolerated. The new mutant, even if it is less severe than the previous one; Delta; but at the same time it is ten times faster than it is in transmitting between citizens, meaning that the infections will be many, and therefore it will occupy health institutions about basic services, and this will also affect the health of citizens," he pointed out.
    Abdul Amir stressed, "the second part of the message confirms that it has been practically proven by the Ministry of Health that the vaccinated people are safe from the danger of the mutated virus, and the vaccine provides sufficient immunity to reduce the severity of the disease and not need to enter the hospital, so all citizens who did not receive the vaccine should go to the vaccination centers to receive the vaccine which is available, effective and safe,”
    "The number of vaccinated people has reached nearly 9 million and we have not detected any dangerous cases or complications among the vaccinated, as this is an evidence of the safety of the vaccines," he stressed, explaining that "the majority of those hospitalized are unvaccinated,"
    Since the fifth of January, Iraq is undergoing a continuous daily increase in the number of new cases with the Corona virus.
    Earlier, MOH detected on Wednesday, 2037 new cases of COVID-19. 
    This came according to a statement by MOH to Iraqi News Agency - INA. 
    “281 recovered cases were also detected among all the provinces of the country,” the statement included. 
    5 death cases were also recorded where 68465 were vaccinated in a matter of 24 hours.