Ainkawa hosts the largest family festival 

  • 11-12-2021, 18:04
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    Erbil - INA - Evan Nasser 

    The city of Ankawa is preparing to celebrate Christmas and New Year's by decorating streets and squares, with the participation of the judiciary administration, a number of companies and the city's youth. 

    The mayor of Ainkawa, Rami Nuri, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA), "The city, at the end of each year, is decorated and prepared for Christmas, and this year will witness new touches in the way and form of celebrations and decoration of the streets and squares, where it will be in a wide range and different ideas, and our goal is for the city to be a beautiful destination for all He would like to visit it from the rest of the Iraqi provinces in the coming days.". 

    He added, "The city extends its thanks to the head of the regional office, Fawzi Hariri, for his support in the campaign to decorate the city, with the participation of a number of companies, citizens, the youth of Ainkawa, and the Electricity and Municipal Departments, where everyone works together to show the city in a beautiful and new way," stressing that "security preparations will be implemented in stages, and there will be no There will be any closure of the city, and the security forces of all kinds will work to secure the atmosphere and preserve the safety of citizens." 

      Nuri added, "Ankawa will hold a large family festival this year, the first of its kind, and it will last for 10 consecutive days.". 

    For her part, activist Gina George explained that "celebrating the birthday of Christ on December 25 of each year means joy entering the hearts of mankind," stressing that "believers should prepare to provide assistance to the poor and sick as much as possible during these blessed days, and not just decorating trees. ".