The environment determines the remaining risk ratios for the types of pollution in Iraq 

  • 10-12-2021, 22:05
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    Baghdad - INA - Amna Al-Salami 

    the Ministry of Environment has determined, today, Friday, the remaining danger rates for the types of pollution in Iraq. 

    The Director of the Planning and Information Department at the Mine Affairs Department, the national focal point for the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention, Ahmed Abdul-Razzaq Falih Al-Jassem, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "the Norwegian organization that works in the desert in an open area far from the city, and during the survey, found a cluster container ( Cluster artillery shell (containing 64 ammunition), indicating that "the Norwegian organization has marked and identified the cluster container that cannot be moved as a danger, quick-explosive and unsecured.". 

    He added, "The peddlers in the governorate took the al-Ankoudi container to an unknown location," noting that "the southern regional center affiliated with the Department of Mine Action notified the Operations and Controls Command in the governorate about the lost container, its contents, and the danger that the container might cause." He concluded that "the intimidation that occurred is unreal and inaccurate."