Ministry of Environment: Pollution indicators are high

  • 10-12-2021, 11:15
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    The Ministry of Environment confirmed Friday that pollution indicators are high, according to the warning and monitoring system for changes in air, water and soil.
    "The ministry is a high supervisory body for all polluting activities, whether air, water and soil pollution, and we confirm that pollution indicators are high and we have an alarm and monitoring system, and a large part of it works remotely and gives daily indications of the reality of changes in air quality, water quality," said Jassim al-Falahi, technical agent authorized by environment minister Jassim al-Falahi.
    "There is a weak commitment on the part of the sectors and ministries as the most polluting causes in addition to the contribution of the private sector, and the ministry is serious about the application of the law and we will not tolerate this aspect and we have hundreds of cases before the judiciary, as we start with the warning and then the fine and then resort to the judiciary," al-Falahi said.
    "With the support of the judiciary, a number of judges have been assigned to hear environmental cases and with the support of the environmental police, which has recently been developed to be a very important tool to accompany the environmental observer in the performance of his work, which is a qualitative development in the actual environmental work of law enforcement," he said.
    "We need greater efforts to address pollution and this requires polluters to make serious efforts to address it, especially the pollution of water sources, because we suffer from water scarcity, maintaining water quality is very important for public health and preserving the important wealth that has become a priority for the country's national security," al-Falahi said.