Iraq, Turkey Electrical linking

  • 29-11-2021, 18:02
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    Minister of Electricity Undersecretary Adel Karim confirmed that the completion of the electrical interconnection process with Turkey is pending the approval of the European Union. 

    Karim said during a press conference in Najaf attended by the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "We have reached advanced stages in the project to link the national grid with the Haidaryah station with the 400 kV transmission line, which will eliminate electrical loading in the province and increase its share of electricity. 

    He added, "Najaf was unable to receive more than 750 megawatts from the national grid because it does not contain a main transmission line, and the completion rate of this project has reached more than 90%, and we will add at the Haidaryah station two units with a capacity of 600 megawatts that will supply the national system soon." 

    And about the total size of Iraq’s need for energy, Karim stated that “Iraq needs 35,000 megawatts of electric power per day, and if the other ministries were to carry out their duties in providing fuel and gas, we would have reached a great stability in energy, and approximately 5000 thousand megawatts would be added as an additional rate of energy in country." 

    Karim stressed that "the ministry will go during the next stage to implement renewable energy projects from solar plants, and Najaf will be the first governorate in which a solar plant will be implemented, after land was allocated to it by the local administration." 

    Regarding the link with neighboring countries, he explained: "We have reached advanced stages in Saudi-Iraqi electrical interconnection project, and there are ongoing discussions between the two sides regarding this project. As for the Turkish-Iraqi electrical linkage, it has been 100% completed, and we are awaiting the approval of the European Union to export energy from Turkey to Iraq, because it has signed energy treaties in the European Union, which requires the approval of the Union."