French Ambassador: Abdul Wahab al-Saaedi, one of the heroes of the Battle of Mosul

  • 20-11-2021, 13:54
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    French Ambassador to Iraq Eric Scheufele said Saturday that the head of the anti-terrorist agency, Lt. Gen. Abdul Wahab al-Saadi, was one of the heroes of the battle for Mosul.
    A statement of the Counter-Terrorism Agency received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "Al-Saadi received the Ambassador of France, Eric Scheufele, at the headquarters of the Counter-Terrorism Service."

    "The anti-terrorism agency welcomes this visit and is part of strengthening French-Iraqi relations in the fight against terrorist organizations and their extremist ideology," al-Saaedi said in a statement, praising "the role played by the French side in supporting the efforts of Iraqi forces in fighting ISIS terrorist gangs."

    For his part, the French ambassador expressed his "great happiness to visit the headquarters of the counter-terrorism service and meet its president, General Abdul Wahab al-Saaedi, who described him as one of the heroes of the battle of Mosul."
    "His government will work to support Iraq in the areas of counter-terrorism and will work with its EU partners to support the Iraqi government and its security services in pursuing the remnants of ISIS terrorist gangs in the country," he said.