Border Port Commission explains mechanism of chemicals importing

  • 10-11-2021, 12:08
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    Border Ports Commission unveiled on Wednesday the mechanism for granting approvals for the import of chemicals and the way they are transported to the beneficiary.
    "The import of chemicals and biological substances, as well as dual-use materials, is carried out under requests from the public and private sectors," Maj. Gen. Omar al-Waeli, head of the Border Ports Commission, told The Iraqi News Agency( INA).
    "After the approval of the relevant security agencies, the import permit is issued with these approvals," he said, adding that "when they enter the border Port, they are detected by the technical committees present and the documents of the transaction are checked by them."
    "After clearing customs materials, they are operated under customs guard by the beneficiary and under the supervision of the relevant security agencies," he said.