Salah al-Din: Daesh cells do not pose a threat to security of province

  • 8-11-2021, 12:25
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    Salah al-Din province on Monday unveiled measures to fortify thermal cameras, noting that existing ISIS cells pose no threat to the province.
    "The role of ISIS terrorist gangs has been confined to the province," Salah al-Din Governor Ammar al-Jubouri told the Iraqi News Agency (INA).
    "The role of thermal cameras in controlling the movement of ISIS gangs and targeting them repeatedly by them," he said, adding that "the work is to fortify the cameras with types of steel iron."
    "The province continues to prepare the security sectors to fully control the situation," he said, adding that "the numbers of ISIS gangs that are present do not represent any danger in the province and do not have the ability to control anywhere, but the violations they are doing in specific places in order to spread terror and panic among the citizens."
    "The process of cutting off logistical support will help completely end ISIS cells," he said.