Five-axis inspection launched in Hamrin Mountains

  • 3-11-2021, 10:48
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    The Diyala Operations Command launched on Wednesday a five-axis search to hunt down remnants of ISIS in the Hamreen mountain range.
    "The Brigades of the Popular Mobilization have today launched a large-scale security operation in five axes to hunt down the remnants of ISIS in the Hamrin mountain range northeast of Al-Azim district/Al-Khalis district in Diyala," Diyala operations commander Talib al-Musawi said in a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA). "
    "The operation was launched with the participation of the brigades (I-4-23-24-110), and the support of Diyala operations services for the popular mobilization, as well as with the participation of the agency's aides, intelligence, logistical support, military engineering, missile battalion and explosives control for the popular mobilization," he said. "
    "The operation was based on intelligence and careful follow-up on the movements of terrorists after the massacre in al-Rashad area in Al-Meqdadiya district," al-Musawi said, adding that "the forces continue to advance with good impulsiveness due to the complicated geographical terrain of the area, the rugged mountainous terrain with the support of army aviation and the drones of the popular mobilization."