Ministry of justice: Diplomatic efforts to recover Iraqi funds and real estate in Jordan and Switzerland

  • 30-10-2021, 12:06
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    The Ministry of Justice revealed today, Saturday, its diplomatic efforts to recover Iraqi funds and real estate in Jordan, Switzerland and other countries, while briefing its role in preserving citizens' properties in the liberated areas.
    "The role of the Ministry of Justice in preserving citizens' real estate in the liberated areas was to transfer records to secure areas during that period, and to refer to the central records to make any sale or purchase on these real estate, as well as to place seizure signs on some of them until proven ownership," ministry spokesman Ahmed Laibi told the Iraqi News Agency (INA). 
    Laibi added that "The Ministry of Justice organized a conference to recover the looted funds in mid-September under the supervision of the Minister of Justice, Judge Salar Abdul-Sattar Muhammad, As It was agreed to hold several cooperation meetings and agreements regarding the recovery of funds and real estate abroad through the External Litigation Office".