Pfizer: The effectiveness of the Covid vaccine among children exceeded 90%

  • 22-10-2021, 18:44
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    Follow up - INA 

    The American pharmaceutical "Pfizer" company, confirmed said Friday that its vaccine for the disease "Covid-19" effectively by more than 90% in the prevention of symptoms in children aged between 5 and 11 years.

    The new data was published on the website of the Food and Drug Administration, which invited an advisory committee of independent experts to meet, on Tuesday, to decide whether to allow the vaccine in this age group.”.

    The analysis was based on about 2,250 participants in the trial, with data collection continuing until October 8 First, most positive cases occurred when the highly contagious “delta” variant was prevalent in the United States and the world.

    A company document said:
    There were no severe cases of "Covid 19" or cases of multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children, which is a rare but serious condition after infection with the virus, and there were also no cases of myocarditis or pericarditis. ".
    But there are not enough volunteers In the study, to be able to detect extremely rare side effects, adolescent males are believed to be a high-risk group, and this is the first time that Pfizer has issued an estimate of the effectiveness of its vaccine on younger children in an earlier press release, it said that the injection produced an immune response.

    It was the test on children with a dose of 10 micrograms of the vaccine, while older age groups received 30 micrograms.".