MOE: COVID-19 Vaccination is limited to teaching staff, does not include students

  • 18-10-2021, 21:42
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    Ministry of Education - MOE confirmed on Monday, that students are not included by the condition of being vaccinated with the anti-Corona vaccine to attend schools, and the matter is limited to teaching staff.

    MOE also clarified the goal of returning to attendance within the school days.

    “The return to attendance in the school year comes to support the educational process and the scientific levels,” said the spokesman for the Ministry of Education, Haider Farouk, to Al-Iraqiya news TV channel, which the Iraqi News Agency (INA) followed.

    He added, "The resumption of work on Saturdays came to allow schools to distribute and divide work hours on the days of the week,”

    Regarding the vaccine file, he stressed that "students are not covered by the anti-Corona vaccine, and it is the duty of the teaching staff only, and those who do not receive the vaccine must submit a negative test,”

    He pointed out that "the official start of the school year will be on November 1st 2021, and what applies to public schools applies to private schools as well,”