NSS in Basra arrests a drug trafficking network

  • 16-10-2021, 12:05
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    Security Media Cell (SMC) announced t Saturday arresting a drug-trafficking network with 5 kg of different types of drugs in Basra.
    A statement by SMC, received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), stated that "the detachments of the National Security Service in Basra Governorate were able to arrest two drug dealers, red-handed and in possession of (1) kg of crystal."
    The statement added: "The same detachments were also able, with a tight ambush, to arrest another network consisting of (4) suspects who trade in cannabis by raiding the den they use to promote in one of the governorate's neighborhoods, and they were seized with (4) kg, drug tools and an electronic scale."
    The statement also pointed out that "the statements of the accused were duly written down, and they were referred to the competent legal authorities to take the necessary measures against them."