HRC discusses assassinations, kidnappings and arrests

  • 18-12-2019, 13:39
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    Baghdad - INA

    The Parliamentary Human Rights Committee discussed the incidents of assassinations, kidnappings and arrests.

    The Media Department of the House of Representatives stated in a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency that the Human Rights Committee headed by Arshad Al-Salhi, the head of the committee and in the presence of all members of the committee and the President of the High Commission for Human Rights and a number of commissioners held a meeting with the crisis cell at the headquarters of the cell.

    The meeting discussed the recent events that accompanied the demonstrations, including assassinations, kidnappings and arrests,the statement said.

    In turn, Chairman of the Committee, Arshad Al-Salhi, affirmed that the right to demonstrate is guaranteed to all, and that there must be coordination between the Human Rights Committee, the Crisis Cell and the High Commissioner for Human Rights, and to emphasize the location of the demonstration for peaceful demonstrators.

    For his part, the Minister of the Interior, Head of the Crisis Cell, Yassin Al-Yasiri, affirmed that the security forces committed to the international rules of engagement in confronting the demonstrators, and that the previous mistakes were addressed. The security forces arrested eight people who participated in this incident, including a woman, and that the arrests were made according to arrest warrants issued by the investigating judge.