IHEC sets date for manual counting of al-Karkh and Al-Rasafa stations

  • 13-10-2021, 13:30
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    The Electoral Commission set on Wednesday the date for the start of manual counting of al-Karkh and Al-Rasafa stations, while indicating that the manual counting process will be decided within a week.

    The Director of Procedures at the Electoral Commission, Daoud Salman, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "The commission will start today the procedures for manual counting in Karkh and Rusafa, and the results will be announced within seven days."
    He added that "after sending all the results and considering the appeals by the commission, the Board of Commissioners will approve the results and announce them to everyone."
    "Manual counting will be for only 140 stations, the results of which were not sent via satellite," he said, adding that "the commission will deal with the rest of the stations mentioned above, according to the results of the memory stick."