IMOS: The impact of Hurricane Shaheen on Iraq

  • 2-10-2021, 22:46
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    Iraq meteorological organization & seismology - IMOS reassured the citizens that Hurricane Shaheen has no impact or effect on Iraq, while confirming that the weather forecast department has not yet issued any warnings about it.

    “During our contact with the weather forecasting department in IMOS, it was found that the strength of Hurricane Shaheen does not extend to such a distance as it affects the country in general," said the director of media for IMOS, Amer Al-Jabri, to the Iraqi News Agency (INA).

    He stressed that “the strength of a hurricane always depends on the coasts. This cyclone was established at the coasts and extends to great distances of Oman, meaning that it has no effect on Iraq at the present time," noting that "the weather forecasting department in the Public Authority has not yet issued any warnings about this hurricane that struck Oman,”