Al-Ethari reveals the volume of trade exchange with Jordan, steps for electrical linking and visa

  • 14-09-2021, 22:26
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    the Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Haider Al- Ethari, revealed the volume of trade exchange between Iraq and Jordan, and the start of actual steps for electrical linking. 

    Al-Ethari said in a statement to the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "the electrical linking, after the agreement was signed by the Iraqi side, before the Eid in Baghdad, and the Jordanian Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, practical and actual steps began regarding the electrical connection to supply Jordanian electricity to Iraq". 

    He added, "The volume of trade exchange during the last 11 months of 2020 was around 448 million Jordanian dinars," noting that "there is certainly an intention to expand the volume of trade exchange, especially after allowing Iraqi and Jordanian truck drivers to transport goods door to door after what it was back to back due to the Corona pandemic. 

    Al-Ethari added that "there are practical steps in the field of laying the Basra-Aqaba oil pipeline, and the Iraqi government has received offers from companies, and they are currently in the process of being studied". 

    The Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan noted that "we were hoping to facilitate the procedures for giving entry visas to Iraqis and patients, as well as The Jordanian side gave directives to its embassy in Baghdad to make a list of Iraqi businessmen and investors desiring to visit Jordan to grant them multiple entry visas.