IHEC reveals the measures to be taken on polling day

  • 14-09-2021, 11:42
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    Baghdad - INA

    The Independent High Electoral Commission revealed on Tuesday, the measures that will be taken on polling day, while indicating that it has received 6 complaints, some of them related to attempts to influence the will of the voter.
    "The biometric cards were printed in stages in the registration centers, as the last update stage resulted in approximately two million and 400 thousand cards, and they are being distributed in the registration centers,” indicating that “the process of distributing cards is carried out on a daily basis to voters."
    "Biometric cards have been printed in stages in the registration centers, as the last phase of update has resulted in approximately 2 million and thousands cards, which are being distributed in the registration centers and by mobile teams affiliated with the centers and the electoral offices of the provinces," stating that "the distribution of the cards takes place on a daily basis to the voters,"IHEC assistant media spokesman Nebras Abu Souda, told The Iraqi News Agency (INA).

    Abu Souda asserted that "Biometric cards shall be delivered exclusively to the persons involved, and they shall be fingerprinted and signed for receiving the cards."
    She also pointed out that "Manipulations and buying voter cards, apart from the fact that they are crimes for which the law will held accountable, by a penalty of up to imprisonment if proven, they are also a waste of money, as IHEC has taken measures to ensure the security of the card and it can only be used by its owners."
    She added: "On the polling day, the voter must present the biometric card along with the personal ID, in addition to the triple matching process, i.e. the voter’s fingerprint in addition to the fingerprint in the identity, which must be identical to the fingerprint of the verification device, if these conditions are not met, the voter is not allowed to take another step towards voting". 
    "There are punitive measures imposed on attempts to change or influence the voter's will or bribing him, that is, in the event of a complaint supported by evidence, measures will be taken and transferred to specialized courts," noting that "the monitoring committees have not yet detected any cases in this regard, and the number of complaints received by IHEC has reached 6 regarding sabotaging electoral propaganda and trying to influence the will of the voters, and the investigations are underway concerning these complaints", Abu Souda affirmed.