Iraq Long Swimming Championships, kicks off on Thursday

  • 8-09-2021, 16:12
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    Iraqi Central Swimming Federation announced on Wednesday, upon holding the Iraqi Clubs Long Swimming Championship, in Tigris River, with the participation of 23 clubs representing the various governorates of Iraq.
    "Iraq Club Championship is the second according to the current year's curriculum," said the head of the Iraqi Federation for Swimming, Khalid Abdul Wahid Kabyan in a statement to the Iraqi News Agency (INA).
    Kabyan noted that "the competition will include the junior category for 5 km distance, as for youth and plus ages for 10 km distance,”
    "The race will start at four o'clock in the evening, from Imams Bridge for the advanced, youth and junior categories, to the headquarters of the Rowing Federation on the banks of Tigris River," he added.